Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedsnesday-Another Attempt

     We sleep in and have breakfast at Ihop then go out to the airport to find the part waiting for us. Scott, though very busy with his own work, had the new drive machined and ready to fit onto the mag. Glenn took and hour to put the mag on and check the engine.

Then we started solving the second problem; his handheld radio had quit. He tried getting new nicads for it but they wouldn't work with the chip installed in the battery pack. We talked about going up to Dodge County, calling the Tower and having him go in NORDO. It was already after 10, but I called tower and asked if they could get us in. The answer was affirmitive but we had to be closer in.

While I was doing that, Glenn met two guys coming home from Oshkosh in a J-5 who couldn't get any further south due to the weather. They had two handhelds and elected to lend him one. Problem Solved!

Well almost...there was as line of weather in Central Wisconsin moving towards Oshkosh/Dodge County/Poplar Grove. We couldn't make Dodge County and then get into Oshkosh before it was closed to arrivals for the airshow. We'd have to wait til after the airshow and launch to get there in a narrow window before the night airshow. If we didn't make the window, we would be turned away. We didn't know if Dodge County had hangars, a way to get something to eat and we'd have to unload the airplanes to get our tents and sleeping bags to sleep in.

The best plan seemed to be to put the airplanes back into the hangar and go back to the hotel to spend the night and let the weather go through. So that's what we did.

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