Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Flight! (Travel Air) Curtiss-Wright Air Sedan back in the skies!

     Three years of dedicated and talented working by Glenn Peck culminated in the prototype Curtiss-Wright Air Sedans first flight (post restoration) today.

At the controls was former De Havilland Test Pilot Desmond Penrose. Desmond is a good friend to the aircraft owner, Al Stix, who was also present.

 Desmond gets some last minute words of advice
from restorer Glenn Peck.

Glenn goes over cockpit layout with Desmond. 

 Glenn pulls the big Wright 975 through.

Desmond gets the feel of the airplane on the grass runway. 


Gently back to earth. 

Desmond shakes Als hand after the flight. 

Desmond goes over postflight details with Glenn and Al.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sky helps Glenn prepare the Air Sedan to come back to life.

Meyers Fly-In held at Creve Coeur this weekend!

The Meyers folks had their annual Fly-In at Creve Coeur this weekend. Eleven Meyers 200s and 3 OTW's showed up. They were a great bunch, very friendly!

 Phil Hart from Memphis wipes dew off his windscreen.

 Meyers OTW



 A young aviatrix warms up before her flight home Sunday.

Meyers 200 

Meyers 200 

 Meyers 200

 Meyers 200

 Meyers 200

 Meyers 200

Meyers 200

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nearing Flight!!! The (Travel Air) Curtiss-Wright Air Sedan Prototype!

Glenn rolled the Air Sedan out into the sunlight today so as to facilitate sweeping the floor...hahaha.

He's nearly finished on the airplane with engine run being anticipated at the end of the week, first flight perhaps as soon as next weekend!

Glenn in the Antiquities Room of HARM with the Air Sedan.

Monday, September 5, 2016

2016 Blakesburg--What a blast! (Big Post--Picture Heavy!)

Sky and I drove up Friday and had an absolute blast/great time this year!

Friday the weather was just perfect and I shot about 2400 pictures.

I was able to get a couple night shots with the Milky Way for the first time.

Saturday, I went flying in an 85-hp Cub so my friend Jessica Voruda could shoot the Womack Family's J-2 Cub.

Waco S3HD taxies past the viewers.
Carly Johansson cleans the bugs off a Waco QCF-2 windscreen.

Sky had a Cub lesson from Ed Lachendro. (I know, I know...)

Hamilton Metalplane.

Dornier DO-28