Sunday, January 15, 2017

Freezing Drizzle and Freezing Rain

St Louis has had both the past couple of days. Fortunately, all the weather-guessers had everyone scared so there wasn't much traffic on the road on Friday. I let my people go at 11 AM and came on home.

I drove out to the airport yesterday morning. It was a bleak, drizzly day. The airport manager and myself were the only two out there besides a lone horse who stays at the Greenhouse next to us.

The horse was shy, would't come up to me.

I drove around the airport to see if I could find anything to take a picture of. All the airplanes in the shadeport were dry, the winds were light. I went out to the tiedowns and found this poor "Vintage" 172 looking as if someone had just taken in out of the freezer.

The temperature was right at 31 degrees.

I spent fifteen minutes walking around the airplane, being careful not to impale myself on any of the icicles. More freezing rain is expected early Sunday morning.