Saturday, June 25, 2011

It starts!

It started for us twice this past week! But we still have some figuring out to do. The first time, we let it run for about a minute and then shut it down because we had no oil pressure.

After clearing the block in the line, we tried to start it again. No luck.

We tried again two mornings after. It lit on the first blade. This time we had oil pressure and we let in run for 2-3 minutes. It was idling at 550 rpm's. Glenn pulled the throttle back and you guessed it, the engine quit. Couldn't get it started again.

Glenn is gone for the weekend and I have to go back to work tues pm so we'll probably try again mid-july.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Testing the fit.

Jimmy Johnson had his Emeraude wings ready to test fit on the fuselage this morning. The airplane was built by someone else and put into storage during the '80's. Jimmy bought the airplane, stripped the fabric and is in the process of rebuilding/restoring the aircraft.