Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tearing up my taxiway.

They've started tearing up the taxiway between mine and Glenn's hangar to pave it. Seems like the maintenance on the blacktop was just too labor intensive. It should be finished by the middle of next month.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Every boy should have a dog.

With the recent passing of our eldest American Eskimo dog Nanook, Sky was wanting a dog of his own. Saturday we were able to get this Border Collie/Retriever mix for him. We've named the dog "Zemke" and he's a very good, family oriented dog.

Wings over Creve Coeur

My good friend Glenn Peck took me for another Dh-4 ride so I could get some good pictures of him flying the airplane. Al Stix, my partner in my airplane and co-owner of the airport saw this and a few other pictures I've taken and he's decided to sponsor a show of my work at a local art gallery.

Out of the time zone.

I recently had a European trip in the jet. We went to Istanbul, Turkey first. Then onto Nantes, France, Luton, England, Dublin, Ireland and then back home. Here I am having a blast during my first visit to an English Pub.


I went to the Antique Airplane Fly-In at Blakesburg over Memorial Day Weekend. I had to leave friday night because I had to go fly for work on saturday. I promise to tell you all about it, right after my friends at Air & Space do :-)