Sunday, April 17, 2016

Scott Johansson flies Olde Style Aircraft's Waco RNF "Roy Timm Special".

     Scott Johansson took up Olde Style Aircraft's Waco RNF, the "Roy Timm Special" Saturday morning.

The airplane was heavily modified for aerobatics in the 1950's, including a bigger engine (Cont-220 off a Stearman), extending back the leading edges, doubling of all the flying wires and most interestingly the adding of a Cessna spring-steel landing gear.

Scott said, "It climbs like a RNF, flies like a UPF and lands like a Cessna 180."

Monday, April 11, 2016

Wayne Muxlow visits and Making Airplane Noises!

I had the day off, it was raining. So I chose to go out to Creve Coeur Airport (cc) and see what how my friend Glenn was coming along on the Curtiss-Wright Air Sedan and to see our (mutual) friend Wayne Muxlow who was on his way home from Sun 'n Fun.

Wayne got there a little after 11 and after giving him a quick update on our status, we went to lunch.

Getting back from lunch, the clouds and drizzle had given way to clear, blue skies. Glenn wanted to "shake the hangar" to he could turn the Air Sedan around to work on the front end.

Getting a little stick time while the Air Sedan was outside.

The Curtiss-Wright (Travel Air) Air Sedan sees sunlight for the first time this spring.

View of the front office.

"Their sandwiches are this long!"