Monday, August 5, 2013


Back to the airport early to launch. We taxi out to Runway 30 and launch. Southern Wisconsin is beautiful this year, it's so green and lush.

Glenn tries his handheld, I can barely understand him. But since you don't talk going into Oshkosh and since he could hear fine I had him pull up into formation for a few photos.
The flight in was one of our easier arrivals into Oshkosh. The planes were running well and there was little traffic. I think Sky and I saw five other airplanes going in.
The approach controller assigned us Runway 36R and handed us over to the Tower. I thought about asking for the Left side until I saw a bunch of of RV's  (not the camper kind ) on the runway for departure so I just landed on the Right. (It's kinda narrow!)

We landed at midfield, rolled to the end and breathed a sigh of relief, we were at Oshkosh.
Taxiing back to Vintage Parking and following the minibike rider, he stopped me at the entrance to the Meadow and came over to talk to me. "We're trying to find a spot for you."
After my experince two years ago when the first few rows were nearly empty, this year Vintage was nearly capacity. Wow! They parked me in Row 60, the second row of parking, right next to Dave and Jeanne Allen's beautiful cabin Waco that would go on to win Grand Champion.
Great spot!

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