Monday, May 25, 2015

Sky practicing photography for our upcoming trip.

     Sky and I went out to the airport yesterday with his new camera so he could practice taking pictures and get used to the layout of the camera.

Not many people were flying, an approaching storm made for a bumpy sky and it being a Holiday weekend, not much was going on out there. We took my friend Ken Webbs' offer up for a ride in his Model A Ford and went bumping around the airport a couple of times.

We met with an old friend of mine who was in town, Tim Akey. Tim used to fly my airplane for most of my a2a shoots and I worked with him for a couple of years flogging an old Citation around the country. We stayed for lunch as for this Sunday, Al cooked up a bunch of tender, tasty ribs.

Our trip is to Europe to visit WW II battle sites. We're going to Berlin, Bastogne, Paris, Normandy, London, Duxford and Bovington (home of a Tank Museum).