Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday-Turning Back from Poplar Grove

 Photo by Sky Parsons
"I'll change frequencies here over to Approach."

     We got to Poplar Grove early on Tuesday thinking we were all set to go to Oshkosh. We briefed what we were going to do.

Pulling the prop thru.
Engines running, warming the oil.
We taxiied out to Runway 9 and departed, turning left and setting our course northbound.
Three minutes later, I hear Glenn click on and utter one word, "Don".
Then he does a 180 turn left and returns to Poplar Grove.
The right mag drive had failed and the engine was running rough.
Sky gives the airport doggies some love.
While our friend Scott Taylor was making a new mag drive, we went to lunch.
And I chipped a filling, cracking the tooth in the process.
It's already been root-canaled so it doesn't hurt, it just feels funny and tastes bad.
Oh well, back to the hotel.

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