Monday, March 18, 2013

New engine for the Cub-a Continentel 85!

Loading the 85 into Glenn's truck.

We sat it on a tire and strapped in down.
Headed home-another 9 hours of driving!
Yea! I have a C85-12 for the Cub. It's in need of a little work but that's okay as we had planned on tearing it down anyway. I found it on Barnstormers, convinced Glenn to go with me and we left Friday afternoon on our journey to get it.
The engine has what was described as a "minor" prop strike but the seller dialed it up and it turns out the crank should still be in round. I really bought the engine as a project, something to build upon, so if it needs a new crank, I'll probably put an 0-200 one in it.
It came with the oil tank, mags, carb, starter and generator. I'm going to pitch the starter and put on a new, lightweight Skytech model. Throwing the gen overboard also so I won't need a transponder. I just don't want to hand-prop it everytime and want the bigger horsepower engine.
We'll tear it down once I get the wings ready to cover...or maybe earler.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Curtiss Robin

Rainy Sunday morning in St Louis. I was sorting thru some things on my computer desk and came across
this picture I took of the Historic Aviation Restoration Museum's Curtiss Robin back in '01 or '02.

Wish they would take this out and fly it again so I could take some good pictures of her.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Work Today

Glenn came up with the good idea that I should stitch both wings at the same time, one right after the other and I agreed. We pulled the other wing off of the stand and put it on the sawhorses this morning for me to do the prep work. I spent most of the day cleaning off the four-year-old dirt that the wing managed to collect in my hangar while in storage. We did manage to roll out the fabric and rough cut the pieces at the end of the day.
Glenn was working on the fairings for the wing-struts for the CW Air Sedan. Here, he's fitting the ribs on the front strut trying to get a sense of how it all comes together.