Monday, August 5, 2013

Friday-Good Day at Oshkosh.

Sky and I woke up early and went on a walkabout to see the Antiques.
The cool temps were perfect for walking around and we went through the meadow looking at all the Vintage Planes.  The little Cafe was opening up so we stopped to have breakfast. Zaug's was replaced as the food vendor, this one was run by The Machine Shed. And it was terrible....
We later found out there was a Subway up by the Red Barn and they had breakfast sandwiches so we ate those for the rest of the week. Subway as a welcome change and they did an excellent job. I hope they're back next year.
Sky and I walked down thru Aeroshell Square to the Warbirds.
The Warbirds seemed light to me this year except for P-40's which seemed to be in abundant supply with seven of them making the show. The usual number of Mustangs were there, a couple Wildcats, Avengers and Corsairs and not much else for fighters. Three B-25's, a B-17 belonging to the Yankee Air Museum and the Confederate Air Forces B-24 and B-29 were also there.
The usual performers flew at the airshow. I find this part of the show boring because I've seen it all before and all of them do the same thing.

Great workmanship in the P-40's! They were all beautiful.
A Japanese Zero.

Later on in the morning, Glenn was to be featured at Vintage in Review held right in front of the Red Barn. Ray Johnson had come by the night before and briefed us on how it would work and asked Glenn a few questions to become more knowledgeable about the airplane.
Glenn sits under the wing of the Monosport awaiting his turn to speak.

Glenn and Ray Johnson talk about the Monosport.
A few of the Warbirds during the show.......

That night had a gorgeous sunset and I went off to see if I could silhouette any airplanes against it. I couldn't find any good shots but they had a ballon glow beginning so I stuck around to watch.

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