Sunday, January 10, 2016

Any port in a snowstorm...

A lone Cessna 172 braves Saturdays snowstorm in the shadeport.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jacob Layne measures the depth of the flooding.

A foot at its deepest part.

How highs the water Papa?

I went out to the airport early yesterday morning to see how high the water had gotten overnight. It had come up about 4" and was starting to come up out of the water drains. I hung around for a couple hours, helped a couple of friends, then went home at noon to have lunch with Sky.

Going back out at 3:30, the water had risen dramatically, now completely covering the east/west taxiway that runs North of the t-hangars. A friend of mine, Bill Austin, was busy loading a truck with various Rawdon parts he had in his hangar. I went over and helped along with a few others to lift the airplane up onto sawhorses.

I'll be going back out this morning to survery the damage...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Flooding at Creve Coeur!

St Louis received about 10 inches of rain over a very short time span is week, causing Creve Coeur Lake to flood.The Missouri River, on the west side of the airport, is still within its banks. The Corps of Engineers built a 500-year dike and a major road on top of the dike. We're all hoping that dike holds.

I went out yesterday afternoon after work to get some Cub parts out of one hangar and to move the Fairchild to higher ground. Both aircraft are currently dry.

I took some pictures of the flooding on the East side of the airport. The flood water was dead still, reflecting the hangars.