Saturday, December 23, 2017

where i've been

My apologies for not tending this blog since Oshkosh. My work got busy and I really didn't have any news to post on the Antique Airplane front.

My company sent me to Paris the whole month of September. I was able to bring my wife and daughter over the last 10 days for vacation. We spent half of the time in Paris and the other half in Nice.

They sent me again the Friday after Thanksgiving until last Wednesday. The second trip wasn't nearly as much fun as it was cold/grey/rainy there. It didn't help that I caught a cold at the end but am over it now.

This year it appears I'll be spending most of my time there so I won't be able to attend my fly-ins. The Fairchild is going to collapse into the ground from disuse. I'm planning on having Glenn annual her and then having he and my friend Ken Webb take it around the patch whenever they fell the need.

I may start a new blog about my time in Paris.