Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stearman Formation Practice

I was lucky enough to be out at the airport early this morning when I noticed the Stearman guys were going up to practice their formation flying skills. The guys had a couple empty seats and asked if I wanted to fill one of them. Yea! You bet!
I didn't have my air-to-air lens with me, so all these pictures were taken with my little Panasonic point-n-shoot camera. I think it did a wonderful job considering the circumstances.
Taxiing out.

Lined up on the runway, we were No. 3 in the flight.

Les Heikkila's Recall Stearman forms up.

Changing formations.

Les is closer than he appears in this wideangle shot.


Flying wires frame Rods Stearman.

Headed home.

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