Monday, July 1, 2013

No Grass Runway at Oshkosh... again....

I had heard the rumor and emailed EAA President Jack Pelton last night about the EAA not having a grass runway again this year.

His response,


We had the grass for the first time last year. It was a special set up and not a very safe location. Only 1 aircraft used it and they landed the wrong way on it. The FAA was not too happy. The Oshkosh airport did not want to pursue the special permits for the same set up this year. We came to a collective agreement we would pursue a more permanent and safer / better solution for next year. I am a big supporter of having the proper grass runway since I fly 3 very tricky tail wheel vintage planes that prefer grass. We are going to make it better and safer for our Vintage friends. The final solution and permits just cannot get finalized until next year.

Jack J. Pelton"
When was this collective agreement came too? Did you ask the members what their thoughts on this was? Were they even consulted? The EAA (lack of) leadership had a year to deal with this problem, you're telling  me that in a years time, the brain trust couldn't come up with a place to put a grass runway?
And last year wasn't the first time, Oshkosh had one in the '70's before you put in an intersecting taxiway.
Looks like the EAA doesn't want any Vintage aircraft this year.

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