Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where we are.

Sorry, it's been a while, I know. Lots of things going on here. First of all, I had an interview with an airline in Atlanta. They turned me down, which is good because I didn't have to turn them down. My airline days (being on reserve, being junior available, working all holidays, maintenance delays, lying dispatchers) are fortunately behind me. I've also become a house husband, taking care of our 4-year old. My wife has a temp job that may lead to full-time so my time to work on the Cub is limited.
One of my friends has asked me to fill in for two weeks on his Citation V. We're going to go get me somewhat current next week. See if I can fly a Cessna around the patch. The job is in april so we have some time and I'll be riding shotgun anyway so all I have to know is how to close the door and talk on the radio and I'm set.
That's leads to the question of "Where are we?" Well, I put the brace wires on the tail today. You'd think it would be easy, but no, it's not. You have to clean the holes for the bolts, find all the fittings, nuts, bolts and wires. Okay, that's about 2 hours. Then you can start to fit the parts together to make it pretty. I'll level it tomorrow and hopefully attach the elevators and connect the control cables.
I sent the engine cylinders off to be checked out yesterday. The were either new or yellow tagged in 1996 but they'd been sitting ever since then. We took out the pistons and hot-tanked them before sending them off. Should be back in 10 days.
Sky has his spring break next week so I'm hoping we can make great progress then.
That's where we are.


Sport Pilot said...

Have you checked into flying air freight with regional providers?
Also,have you considered teaching on the High School or College level?

Don Parsons said...

I have but there's nothing out there right now. All of places won't touch me because I have two jet type ratings and was a chief pilot and they think as soon as something better comes along, I'll leave.

My CFI isn't current but I could get it current. I've considered it but seeing as how there is only one flight school in all of St Louis and it's about to declare bankruptcy, what's the point?