Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All is not lost.

After not flying let alone thinking about a jet in the past 13 months, I went up with my friend Tim Akey in his company's Cessna Citation V yesterday to get landing current and comfortable in the airplane. I was somewhat apprehensive, the only thing I'd been scanning during that 13 months was frozen pizzas at the checkout line in the grocery store.
We sat in the airplane, hooked up to a power cart for 45 minutes reviewing switches and speeds and then decided to brave the sky gods and go flying. We hopped over Lambert to Alton, shot a RNAV 29 and a BC 11 before heading back to Spirit to do the ILS 26L and three landings.
The good news is I was never seriously behind the airplane, I didn't bust mda or the 200 kt restriction under the Class B and I made 3 very good landings in an airplane that ususally just arrives on the pavement. It felt like old home week to me because I'd flown a V for 5 years, I just had to relearn where the switches were.

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