Wednesday, March 17, 2010

America has lost it's rock.

Now you're probably wondering what a manly-man like me is doing watching American Idol on tv. Well, it was Rolling Stones night and I wanted to see how the kids did covering the the iconic songs of the Stones. (Who are still not as good as the Beatles, but close. I don't care what you say.)

Frankly, I was disappointed. All the kids sang the songs like they were at a funeral. The only exception was Casey James and he wasn't much better. They all just stood all the mike, no showmanship at all. The whole show was boring with a capital B. In Simon's words, "Easily forgettable." It's like all the kids were auditioning for the Frankie Avalon show.

The Rolling Stones are all about rock 'n roll. They epitomize it, they live it (except for Keith, he's the walking dead), they set the standard for what makes a rock star.

These kids have no ideas. And you can't really blame them with the current rock stars being Justin Timberpuke and New Pervs on the Corner to learn from. America has lost its Rock.

What happened to the days of "Whole lotta love" and "Sunshine of your love"? Have kids become so tame that they think Britney Spears is cutting edge? Last nights show sounded like the "Best of ABBA."

So what makes my show? Easy. Hendrix's "Star-Spangeled Banner "to open the show. Follow that with McCartney's "Rock Show/Jet". Move on to Clapton's "Sunshine of your Love" and keep it going from there. No country-rock. Definitely no metal or rap or reggae crap. The Who would have to be in there, George Thorogood too. A little Bryan Adams perhaps.

Get our your lighters man, tonite we rock!

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Argie said...

You can't leave out Stevie Ray Vaughn. And as for ABBA, I hear that they are being admitted to the Rock Hall of Fame (or should in now be call The Mock Stall of Shame?). My son once asked who the new band was that we had just heard on the radio. I told him the they were a rather new group, The Rolling Stones. LOL. Under My Thumb. Agree with you, not the Beatle, but then again... still rockin' it.