Monday, September 7, 2009

Sky rides in the Culver Cadet!

Sky and Lorraine taking off in the Culver.

Photo by Skyler "Sureshot" Parsons

Lorraine Morris and Sky after the flight.
After dinner Friday night, we found our friends Ken and Lorraine Morris had come in to Blakesburg bringing their and Ken's dad Gene's matching Culver Cadets. It wasn't long before Lorraine told us they had a photoshoot in the morning and that Sky was welcome to ride along.
The next morning I dropped him at at 8:15 at their planes and then went to get my mom and dad who drove down from Des Moines for a short visit. We saw the Culvers taxiing out and went to the edge of the flightline to watch them go flying.
Lorraine and Sky took off. Ken and a videographer took off followed by the camera ship. They got into formation and I'm sure they got some great photos. Sky was happily snapping thru the window (they don't open in the Culver) and got some killer shots of Ken in his Culver.

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