Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I want to Tax your Walrus!

Today has been declared a Holiday in our household with the release of the The Beatles Rock Band. This widely anticipated game has me (and my family) foaming at the mouth to play it. Skyler and I have played the trailers so many times on that we had to stop because we couldn't stand the wait any longer.

I preordered the game from Best Buy. I had meant to go to the story about an hour before it opened but due to a story deadline, only got there 5 minutes before it opened. I was relieved to see only seven people standing in line. The guy in front of me actually works there and sold me the preorder. He was there to get some Remastered CD's of them. He again was a big help by telling me just to go to Customer Service as they had the games there. They opened the store, by my watch, a couple minutes early. I walked in and to my surprise and relief, the wasn't a mad rush. In fact, I was the first one at Customer Service. Five minutes later I had the game in hand and was looking at other Beatle stuff. All the employees there are expecting a busy day was well as squirreling away some stuff for themselves. They needn't worry though as this Best Buy has plenty of stock, at least until about 5 PM tonight.

"You won't see me..."

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