Friday, September 11, 2009

Nuthin Prettier-Pitcairn Autogyro @ Brodhead.

Andrew King preflights rotor-head.

Steve Roth and Andrew share a laugh before flying on Friday evening.

Started on the third pull-hand-propping the Kinner engine. Co-owner of the Pitcairn Jim Hammond is a right holding onto wing.

Beautiful sight!
I'm up at the Midwest Antique Airplane Fly-In in Brodhead, Wi this weekend. The highlight of the show for me is seeing Jack Tiffany/Jim Hammond's beautifully restored Pitcairn PA-18 Autogyro up-close and in person and flying.
It was a beautiful late-summer's evening with the sun going down over hayfields when Andrew lifted the Pitcairn off from the grass runway at Brodhead, WI. Andrew flew several patterns over the airport including a couple low-approaches against the setting sun before setting down and putting the aircraft away before the mosquito's became too bad. It was great!
Thanks Andrew and Jim!

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