Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"They're digging a my front yard..."

The water main in front of our house was leaking. Turns out it was a supply line from the main to our house that ran underneath the street. It's been l eaking since the 4th of July. The front 1/2 of our front yard had become a marsh. The city workers finally made it out today to fix the leak. They weren't kidding around, they brought a little back-hoe. The started by digging a big f'in hole in our front yard to try and find the leak. These usually leak at the attach fitting, but no, not ours. The rubber supply hose, a big garden hose, had cracked about 1/2" long and it was leaking out from there. They had to dig out the other side of the street to take that hose off and then run a snake thru it to pull it out. They then pushed a copper line thru and hooked it up. Then they put all the mud back into the hole. They'll be back in a couple weeks to add some dirt and sod.
It looks like we have a grave in our front yard.

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