Saturday, July 18, 2009

That lucky Stiff! - Mustang Ride.

My friend Glenn had done some work for Les Heikkila to help keep his P-51D Mustang airworthy so when Les asked how much he owed Glenn for it, Glenn replied "A Mustang ride for Kenny." Kenny Homes is Glenn's 16-year old nephew visiting from Idaho.
Les told Glenn to have him out to the airport at 10:00 the Saturday morning. Glenn and Kenny showed up at 9:25.
I was out taking family portraits (my own family for a change!) and then took Sky for a short plane ride when we flew over the top of the airport. I told Sky to look for Glenn and Kenny. He didn't see them. I did-Kenny was crawling into the back of the Mustang!
We poured on the coals and landed on the grass. Parked the plane on the grass next to the shadeport and ran to the car. Quickly down to Les's Hangar just in time to see him getting in behind Kenny and fire that merlin up.
Okay, back to my airplane. Park the car beside it and put on the "big honkin' lens" to get them on the fly-bys.
Les took off, went up to Busch's place and came back and made one fly-by before landing. Pulling up in the grass in front of the hangars, Kenny was all smiles afterwards. I don't think he knows how lucky he is, Les doesn't usually give rides.

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Schmitz Photographers said...

so cool! kenny, you're so lucky!