Thursday, July 30, 2009


We made it! Left around 8 AM and got here at 4:30 weds. Set up camp and went down to see what Antique/Classics were here.
Andrew King flew Jack Tiffany's Pitcairn Autogyro around 8 PM to a thrilled crowd. Andrew and Jack were all smiles afterwards.
We talked with them and other friends for a while and then it got dark, so we headed back to camp stopping by the Hurricane and the Lancaster where I got these neat shot of the old night bomber.

It's rained about four times today but between storms we managed a Lancaster tour and then to the Warbirds in Review to hear 3rd ranking all-time fighter ace Gunther Rall speak. Skyler then hopped off the viewing stand to get us 20th in line for autographs.

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