Saturday, July 18, 2015

OT: Europe Trip--Day 8---Paris

Saturday morning dawned with us being fully rested and eager to go. Our plan for the day was to take the Metro over to the Arc de Triumphe, then over to Sacre Coeur. We go to Harry's New York Bar, then head home or talk about what else we wanted to see at Harry's.

We got up, had breakfast and headed out to the Metro stop that would take us to the Arc. I noticed there was a street market set up so we decided to take a look. It wasn't long before we found a guy making crepes and such. We had him make us and ham, egg and cheese breakfast er..... something between a crepe and a burrito. We got a hot chocolate and a coffee while we ate our second breakfast of the morning, this one more filling. I gotta have my eggs!

Headed over to the Metro, there was hardly anybody on it. 
Sky waits on the Metro to come to a stop.

 Sky poses in front of the Arc de Triumphe. 
Built in Napoleons time, both his and Hitler's Army's have marched thru it.

We arrived at the Arc and bought our tickets to the top. You have to walk up 284 twisting, curvy, narrow steps to get there. I had to pull over and rest near the top, man that's hard on the knees. 

The top has a great view of Paris, looking straight down the Champs-Elysees as well as six other streets. 

284 stairs to the top...and and back down to street level.

From there, it was just a short hop on the Metro to Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. Although the church is just a little over 100 years old, its architecture suggests otherwise. It's a popular tourist attraction in Paris as it's the highest point in the city.

View from Sacre Coeur. 

Man making bubbles at the base of Sacre Coeur.

Sky and I trundled up the steps and we both had to stop and rest this time. We took a tour of the church and exited. Then, we were both tired. Neither of us wanted to go see the artists of Montmartre, he really didn't want to have his portrait drawn. We were also getting hungry, so we headed down to Harry's New York.

Harry's was a little bit of a disappointment. Yea, I sat in Hemingways' seat but all they had for food was hot dogs. We left and walked back up the block and a Vegas-styled place and both ordered hamburgers.
They weren't the best...

Sky plays a game on his phone while waiting on laundry to finish.

We dropped our cameras at the hotel, grabbed our dirty clothes and went out in search of a laundromat. 
Despite rumors to the contrary, Parisians are nice, caring folk. Not only did the lady at the hotel give us general directions to the laundromat, but a couple folks on the street helped to pinpoint its location. It was only four or five blocks from the hotel and we came back with clean clothes an hour and a-half later.

We had promised my wife and Boo-daughter some souvenirs, so we headed out to Notre Dame where I had seen a couple t-shirts and souvenirs I'd liked.  Sky picked out a shirt and a power converter for himself while I picked out shirts and necklaces for the girls. I got myself a little notebook with Paris sights on the cover. The book is a copy of the more well-known Moleskins and I like them to carry in my camera bag.

After another successful charge card purchase (giggle), we went back to the hotel. I stopped at an Italian restaurant a block away while Sky took our stuff to the hotel. A cold Coke was waiting on him when he returned. 

Another day in Paris....tomorrow was Normandy.

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