Monday, July 6, 2015

OT: Europe Trip--Day 2--6/14/15

After sitting on the taxiway for two hours due to thunderstorms in the area, we finally get moving.

It's a long flight, the flight attendants keep us refreshed and make the cabin dark so those of us wanting to sleep can do so. I can't sleep, never could unless I was exhausted on an airplane.

We arrive in Munich more or less on time, scurry thru customs and hurry to our gate for Berlin. It's on an A320 and booked nearly full. I could care less, I'm so tired.

Arriving in Berlin, we go down to baggage claim to hopefully await our luggage. Not unexpectedly, it hasn't made the crossing with us. We have no clothes but those on our back. Oh well.

We file a lost baggage with Lufthansa. I tell them it's probably in Newark, not their fault.

We get a taxi to the hotel. Checking in, the manager is a super nice guy. He gives us directions to a small restaurant which is very close to the subway station. We go down and grab dinner, then come back and call it a day...night...whatever.

Tomorrow we go to see the Flak Tower, the Reichstag and Brandenburg gate. Plus if our bags don't show up, we need to go to a department store and get some clothes. Looks like a busy day.

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