Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Job

As many of you know, I accepted a position with a freight hauler last month. Not with Fed Up, but with a smaller, expanding company. I'm starting out as a First Officer on a 747-200. They have professional engineers who have a lot of time on the airplane. I'll be doing mostly international flights.

I was told that class was starting either Aug 23 but it may be moved back to Aug 16th. I was about to crawl out of my skin yesterday when I finally broke down and called the Chief Pilot's assistant.

She said that managment had been in meetings all week and that class was not postponed yet and she didn't think it would be. She just didn't have to go-ahead to call and set up plane tickets and hotel rooms yet. I thanked her and told her I was ready to go at a moments notice.

I talked with one of my friends who works there yesterday and he told me that the bids for the 747-400 had come out.

She called today at noon to tell me the class had been postponed til Sept. 13.
I'm hoping the delay is to let them fill slots in the -200 caused by the -400 acquisitions. Two other freight haulers are hiring for heavy jets but I really want to work for these guys because I have at least 3 friends there.

Oh well, another 3 weeks to study the systems before I go to class.

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