Saturday, August 7, 2010

How many of you want a grass runway at Oshkosh?

Simple Poll. How many of you want a grass runway at Oshkosh? Just respond yes in a comment to this message. I'll give it personally to the new president of EAA.

I know this blog doesn't get out to all antiquers, but this will give me an idea.

Thanks and let the responses begin!


Chris said...


dennisborkowski said...


Terry Bowden said...

YES - I've only been to OSH twice, but both times I was wondering why they couldn't integrate the vintage airplane parking into an area near Pioneer field and just have vintage-only access there.

Wayne said...


Who wouldn't want a grass runway at OSH? Who wouldn't want a grass runway at ALL airports? For being such a large show that was built on the backs of experiemntal aircraft, the most grassroots segment in aviation, it seems downright unethical that the EAA wouldn't insist on a grass runway for those that prefer it, not to mention those that require it.

austin said...
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Dtpitcairn said...

YES! YES! YES! Actually two would be good in order to account for crosswinds.

In the meantime, rare types have been landing at Pioneer and are pushed through the fence.