Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where's Waldo?

I got a little bit done on the Cub on Friday. Messed with the gas tank valve fitting, took the gunky/grimy thing off of the fuel tank and bead-blasted it. It had leaked and was a complete mess. Also, primed the front seat and wheels. Fished out the tank straps out of one of the boxes and bead-lasted them also.
I was really excited when Glenn showed up that afternoon with the stencils for the side of the Standard fuselage. He must have been excited too because he had a gleam in his eye that I hadn't seen for quite a while. We unrolled the stencil, cut the two apart and took one back to the airplane. Thirty minutes later, it was all masked off and ready to paint.
When I left, both sides were painted and drying.

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Mike Gretz said...

Don't ya just love taking off the stencil or masking tape? Just like a Christmas present you always wanted!
Mike Gretz