Friday, October 16, 2009

Puttin' silver on the fuselage and gear.

Glenn put silver on the fuselage and landing gear today. The fuselage looks great! The landing gear looks perfect! He did such a good job. I can't paint with a childs watercolors and he made this look easy.
Now comes the fun part...sanding. I can do that. I don't even mind the drudgery of that. I'll take Sky out to the airport this weekend, put on some tunes, bring a box of donuts and we'll get it done. I'm getting excited because he says it'll be yellow by weeks end.
The tail is ready to spray also. And the sheet metal parts. That leaves the wings and engine and we're flying.


Sport Pilot said...


Glenn seem's to make everything look easy in every photograph you post of him working on a project.


Don Parsons said...

That's 'cause it is for him. Wish it was for me!