Monday, June 1, 2009

Stearman FAST

Most of the people here were working on obtaining either a 2-ship wing or 2-ship lead card. Stearman Flight is the groups official name and there's a lot of good info on their website: They are the only group dedicated to teaching formation flight in the Stearman. They place a heavy emphasis on briefings and debriefings. They have some very high-time Stearman guys as instructors willing to share their knowledge to help the students develop formation flying skills.
I picked up a great deal of information just sitting in on those briefings and made many new friends. There's very little ego here, more a desire to be a better, proficient pilot in the Stearman.
I'd like to thank John Lohmar and Rod Hightower for setting my attendance up and Les Heikkila for introducing me around and making me feel at home.

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