Monday, June 15, 2009

I think I have a problem with my intercom...

When I turn it on, all I hear is a loud whining noise, sounds that sound like crying and a whimper of "I want my Mom."

Now before you think I'm a total jerk, let me tell you the story. I asked Linds if she wanted to go flying today. She said yes very affirmatively. She even told her mom, "I go flying with daddy, at airport." I took her out and she was happy. We pulled the plane out, I put a cushion for her to sit on and hoisted her up into the plane. I put the headset on her. Then I started the engine and it happened: the meltdown.

I told her we had to go around the patch at least once. She won't remember it anyway, she's a little over 3 years old. So we took off and the screaming and whining stopped and was replaced by the quiet of wonder. She just looked out the window, taking it all in. I asked her if she wanted to go fly over our house, which she did. We flew over it twice and then came back to the airport and landed on the grass.

As soon as the engine was quiet she asked "Can we go work on our little yellow Cub now?"

That's my girl.

So we went into Glenn's hangar where under very strict adult supervision, she helped me iron a couple parts of the tail I had previously covered. Then we went to Big Al's for lunch and she scored three strawberries off of Connie Stix. One strawberry for the road and it was home to take her nap.

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