Monday, November 3, 2008

The Great Dustbowl of Creve Coeur.

This taxiway project has gone from bad to worse. They cut the grooves/expansion joints in the concrete last week. This morning, I go out to the airport to find them blowing the dust out with industrial-strength leaf blowers. It looked like a small brushfire moving down the taxiway. The planes parked downwind, in the shadeport, got the worst of it. The were covered in abrasive concrete dust.

The hangar doors would not completely close because they hadn't cut the pin holes for the door pins yet. This is my hangar, the right side of the horizontal stabilizer, located a good 20 feet from the door.

The towel has been in place the entire time.
This is the before shot.
After removing the towel.

I'm not touching it until Glenn takes a look at it.

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