Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cub Progress 11-22-08

I caught a flight home early this morning as I knew Skyler was anxious to go to work on our Cub. I got home, changed clothes, had him change clothes and off we went. First stop was Sears where he picked out a screwdriver set that he paid for with his own money. These are the first tools that he has bought for himself and he will always remember this.
We arrived at Creve Coeur, talked with Glenn and promptly went to lunch with the fellas.
After lunch, we started in on the Cub. I removed the brakes and the front floorboard. I took out the rear seat belt and both throttles. Meanwhile, Skyler was busy cutting the safety wire securing the stringers to the fuselage, then unscrewing them and taking them off from the airplane. Not bad for a little over an hours work as we had to return home to babysit Little Boo as my wife had an appointment.

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