Monday, October 27, 2008

Stripping the fabric off the fuselage.

I found it terribly hard to make the first cut. I knew I had to, the fabric was 32-years old. I knew it wouldn't hurt the airplane and I wasn't afraid of the work it would take to cover her. I was thinking about my friend Dave Harsh and all the untold hours he had in this plane and that I was cutting away that history, that identity. I felt I was cutting on Dave and not the airplane.
I rationalized that now it was our airplane and it had to be done. I had Gina come out and take pictures and I made the first cut on the vertical fin. I cut the two Cub emblems off and then started down vertically. Man, there's a lotta straw/sticks and literally crap here. Oh well, it may need a couple new longerons, no problem.

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