Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gone Barnstormin'

Sunday, June 15th. Sky and I head north in the Fairchild to join the 2008 American Barnstorming Tour. It's not quite like running away to join the circus, but we had almost as much fun.
The weather was fine in Missouri. We stopped in Memphis, MO to let Sky get his feet under him as it was getting a little bumpy. After 15 minutes on the ground, we headed north towards Bloomfield, but nobody was there so we continued on to Ottumwa, IA. They were giving rides as it was Father's Day, had RC Planes on display and had vending on the field. We filled the tanks on the Fairchild and checked the weather. The forecasted storm had materialized and not wanting Sky to get sick (or to scare myself), we grabbed sandwiches and chips and ate them in the pilot's lounge. We fired up the Fairchild and took her into a hangar. Then I took a nap...
We left a couple hours later, flying straight up the flooded river. It wasn't as bad here as in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.
We made Ames in exactly 3 hours flying time. They parked us with the Barnstormers and Sky spent the afternoon giving tours of the cockpit.

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