Sunday, July 23, 2017

I got to sit in it!

     The Atlanta wing of the CAF stopped by in their P-51 Mustang and P-63 King Cobra on the way to Oshkosh Saturday. This is one of four Cobras that are scheduled for theirs years event, another was standing by at St Charles County (Smartt) Field.

I just lucked out in seeing it. I had gone to the airport to do my usual on Saturday: drink coffee, eat donuts and tell lies. When I heard they were do in, I panicked. I only had my little point-n-shoot camera with me. We usually don't get such celebrities stopping by during Oshkosh week.

They landed exactly on time and taxied to the ramp.

Their visit coincided with the Missouri Historical Aviation Societys BBQ. I don't whether this was planned or not. The pilots were invited in, feed hamburgers and brats and just chilled for a while since St Louis was 108 degrees Saturday.

I had called my wife and bless her heart, she came out to the airport with my good cameras. I couldn't let the deed go unpunished, so here's a picture of her with the P-51.

I lucked out and the P-63 pilot was a Southwest pilot that I had mutual friends with in both the industry and Warbirds. He invited me to sit in the Cobra and I gladly accepted.

Here's one of the pilot, Mark Todd, putting gas in the P-63.

     While they were inside eating lunch, I brought MY Mustang ( up and had friend Laura Holland O'Brien take a photo of me with the two Mustangs.

     The pilots said their goodbyes, fired in and taxied out.

They took off, made a low pass and headed up to Smartt to pick up the other King Cobra.
Safe journeys friends!

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