Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Barnstormer comes to town!

      Andrew King stopped by a  ferry flight to Arizona with a homebuilt Travel Air 4000.
He had one spark plug that was continually fouling and didn't want to go any further with the storms in the area. We returned the following morning and he actually got airborne but returned when the engine started acting up again.

He and Glenn worked on it all day, chasing the missfire. I came back out at 3, surprised that he was still there. They buttoned up the airplane and Andrew took it on a test hop around the field. By that time, it was too late to head towards the next hayfield so Andrew spent another night in the hotel.

Andrew does a postflight on the airplane.

Better than a hayfield--Andrew and Glenn Peck do maintenance on the airplane.

 O-dark-thirty in the morning, Andrew does his preflight.

 Under cloudy skies, he starts up and warms up the engine.

Just before takeoff.

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