Saturday, September 26, 2015

OT: Europe Trip--Day Last--Poole-London/Heathrow

Boy did we pick the right day to go to Tank Fest! Today is cloudy with drizzle. It would not have been fun to have been walking out in the rain.

We had breakfast, said our good-byes and were on the road to London. Traffic was light until we got closer to the airport but not bad. We found a gas station close by, refueled and with Sky keeping me heading the right direction, soon found ourselves in the Hertz parking lot.

The return employee gave a quick walk-around and gave us our ticket. Man was I relieved to not have to drive in England any more. Driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road and shifting with the wrong hand takes a lot of concentration and I was glad it was over.

We caught the shuttle bus to the terminal and he dropped us right besides where the hotel shuttle was to pick us up. We had a nice conversations with another shuttle driver while waiting for our shuttle.

A quick ride to the hotel, which being a Sunday, didn't seem very busy. We checked in, went to our room and promptly fell asleep on our beds. As we were laying there, I asked Sky if there was anything more he wanted to see. "I'm good," was all he could say. Phew...what a journey!

We had made dinner reservations for 5:30 which we made feeling refreshed. The restaurant was slow and since it was Happy Hour, the Manager let us 2-for-1 a beer and a coke. Great menu, lots of choices. We had an appetizer, the main course and then we had to have the double-chocolate sundae!

We went back to our room and layed down. Stuffed.

Tomorrow was the flight home...

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