Sunday, June 22, 2014

2014 American Waco Club Fly-In

Half of the dozen Waco's that attended this years Fly-In at Creve Coeur.
A pretty red Cabin Waco graces our field.

Dave Allen taxies his Waco to parking.

Scott Johansson taking off on the breakfast fly-out.


Taking off for the breakfast Fly-Out.

     This years Waco Fly-In was a little mo subdued and smaller than in previous years. But the people who attended seemed to enjoy themselves and seeing the airplanes. As usual in St Louis this time of year, the weather seemed to be bipolar, being hot and steamy one day with thunderstorms the next.

The airplanes were parked on the old grass runway as opposed to being in hangars which made them more accessible and easily viewed.  When a storm came up Saturday evening, hangar owners quickly volunteered open spaces in their hangars to keep the biplanes out of the wind/rain/lightning.

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