Monday, March 18, 2013

New engine for the Cub-a Continentel 85!

Loading the 85 into Glenn's truck.

We sat it on a tire and strapped in down.
Headed home-another 9 hours of driving!
Yea! I have a C85-12 for the Cub. It's in need of a little work but that's okay as we had planned on tearing it down anyway. I found it on Barnstormers, convinced Glenn to go with me and we left Friday afternoon on our journey to get it.
The engine has what was described as a "minor" prop strike but the seller dialed it up and it turns out the crank should still be in round. I really bought the engine as a project, something to build upon, so if it needs a new crank, I'll probably put an 0-200 one in it.
It came with the oil tank, mags, carb, starter and generator. I'm going to pitch the starter and put on a new, lightweight Skytech model. Throwing the gen overboard also so I won't need a transponder. I just don't want to hand-prop it everytime and want the bigger horsepower engine.
We'll tear it down once I get the wings ready to cover...or maybe earler.

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