Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting ready for Big O.

Here's the deal. I've been hired by a freight company, start class on Aug. 23. Be flying the big kahuna. More on this as it gets closer to my class date.

Since ground school runs 9 weeks, I've decided on a little last getaway for the boys up to Oshkosh. We're planning on heading up at o'dark-thirty friday morning and staying for the weekend. Going to drive because it doesn't make economic sense to insure the airplane for one trip of eight hours.

Oshkosh has had 17" of rain since the middle of last month, they're saturated. The campgrounds are a mess. We'll probably take my wifes van up and sleep in that to stay dry. We can take out the rear seats, take our hiking boots and poncho's and get along just fine.

Glenn got the Triplane delivered fine and is back in town. He's working on the Monosport fuselage while he awaits the return of the fuel pump and carb from the shop.

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