Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"You say it's your birthday...Happy Birthday to ya!"

Today is my beautiful wife Gina's birthday. This morning, she went for her birthday manicure and pedicure leaving little Linds at home with me to bake her a birthday cake. Linds was truly a big help doing everything from breaking the eggs to adding the cooking oil to the batter and stirring it up. I didn't take her advice on how long to bake the cake (3 minutes) and baked it for 30 minutes instead. It turned out great!

Then, after Linds nap and mom got back, we went out to Macaroni Grill for dinner. I was disappointed to learn they had removed Vodka Rustica (my favorite!) from the menu but a nice word to our waitress had it coming our way. Then we went home and put four candles, one for each ten years, on the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Gina. Then Linds immediately blew out the candles, much to all of our surprise. This bottom photo, with Gina covering Linds mouth, was actually her 3rd try at the candles.

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